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DSPTCH x Engineered Garments

Sep 28, 2023

Engineered Garments has joined forces with DSPTCH, a San Francisco-based company, to unveil a capsule collection comprising five meticulously crafted items. Each piece is fashioned from custom-dyed Dyneema fabric, celebrated for its ultra-lightweight properties.

Over thirteen years, DSPTCH has transformed from a bespoke camera sling strap producer into a comprehensive manufacturer, offering an extensive array of products, ranging from packs, shoulder bags, slings, and camera stands to carabiners. The company's core philosophy centers around durability, encapsulated in its motto, 'fewer but better.'

DSPTCH, renowned for its cutting-edge design aesthetics, employs Dyneema, an exceptionally lightweight fabric with unparalleled tensile strength, to handcraft all items in this collection. To achieve the distinctive color palette featuring Storm Black, Azure Blue, and Aspen Green, DSPTCH collaborated with a local San Francisco artist and master dyer, Idol Worship.

Months of meticulous work went into creating a custom dye that would capture vivid colors without fading or rubbing off. The fabric was then painstakingly hand-folded before undergoing a kettle-dyeing process. This artisanal, small-batch approach, reminiscent of tie-dye techniques from the 1960s, imparts an uneven dye pattern, enhanced by distinct lines where the fabric was folded, adding a touch of human warmth to the fabric's innate coolness.

For this collection, designer Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments handpicked a selection of DSPTCH models. These include larger bags like the two-handled Utility Tote and the backpack-style Ridgepack, alongside compact options like the Unit Zipper Pouch and the Unit Vertical Pouch, which can be worn over the shoulder like a holster.

In keeping with Engineered Garments' signature blend of the contemporary and the traditional, these products seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art technology with a unique analog dyeing process, uniting the new and old in perfect balance.

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