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Welcome to our third installment of District Advisor, where we ask our store staff to use their fashion knowledge to put together informative looks.

Today, Miki is showcasing one of Engineered Garments’ most versatile products - the Button Shawl. This item is something that designer Daiki Suzuki refers to as a Tobi Dougu (飛び道具), an item that - if used correctly - completely enhances the wearer’s outfit.


  • Using the Button Shawl’s closure system unevenly, Miki gives it a scarf-like appearance, allowing it to drop over her Engineered Garments FW Indigo Cotton Denim Flannel Work Shirt. Together with her Needles Olive H.D. Pants and Tassel Bit Unlined Slip-on shoes, the outfit finds balance in volume and warmth.


  • Here, the Button Shawl nearly assumes the form of a skirt, worn around the waist. Paired with a cozy Needles FW22 Classic Hoody, Zipped Sweat Pant, and Piping Quilt Jacket, Miki creates a layered look on the top and bottom.



  • The Button Shawl is worn over the shoulders like a vest, achieved by buttoning around the neck, and again on the hem. What was once a simple outfit with just an Engineered Garments FW22 Racing Suit - Navy/Grey LC Wide Stripe, Tory Leather Clincher Belt and a pair of EG x Tricker’s, is transformed into a new style.

Come by the store or visit to shop Miki’s picks.