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Welcome to our second installment of District Advisor, where we ask our store staff to use their fashion knowledge to put together informative looks. 

Today, Eri is showcasing the Engineered Garments Racing Suit - a short sleeve jumpsuit. As Eri explains, though this item may seem informal on its face, it can be styled creatively to create both formal and casual looks. 


Using an EG FWK Tuck Skirt as a cape (in line with the brand’s free application philosophy), Eri styles the Racing Suit with a pair of Rhodolorion Rhodo Ribbon High Heels with a Needles Scarf to put together a chic ensemble. 


Here, the Racing Suit is worn beneath a dressier EG FWK Lawrence Jacket and paired with Needles Tassel Bit Unlined Slip On, integrating two styles - one-piece and sport coat.


Eri creates a day-to-day look, layering the Racing Suit with an Engineered Garments Hooded Interliner and Engineered Garments Trucker Jacket. 

Come by the shop or visit to see more of Eri's picks.