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Welcome back to "DEEP DIVE". In this series we offer a glimpse of the Engineered Garments skeleton, the root system of an otherwise opaque brand. Typically, this series zeroes in on each collection’s key offerings, including pants, jackets, and shirts. However, there are other items worth mentioning from each season, smaller products that help fill in the edges and define EG. This time, we are looking at the Engineered Garments Nail Apron. Despite its compact size, this piece contains surprising depth and exquisitely demonstrates the style-it-yourself ethos of our company. 

It takes a bit of magic to create an Engineered Garments product. The process begins with a piece of clothing, involves an artistic transformation, and ends with an item that has been elevated to a true piece of fashion. Through this technique, a pair of dusty fatigues or an old hunting vest may be imbued with a spark of true style, something that is instantly recognizable yet inimitable. The Deep Dive series aims to crack open the shell that covers this process and show the essence to our readers.

As a young man, Engineered Garments designer Daiki moved from remote Aomori to Tokyo with a dream of becoming a designer. While attending fashion college, he worked a part time job at an American import shop. Handling these products each day, he absorbed knowledge that he wasn’t taught in design school - the qualities that make a tattered pair of jeans, a chambray work shirt, or a hiking parka so beloved.  After graduation, he was convinced to stay in the retail business, and bade farewell to his dreams of design. 

Embracing a different kind of study, he continued to learn the ins and outs of products, and examine the bond they formed with customers. It was during this time when he discovered the power of the accessory. In addition to the popular Van Jackets and Made in USA hoodies, Daiki also imported smaller products like Eastpak backpacks (popularized by Marty McFly in “Back to the Future”), 3 Piece Western buckles, and braided belts. What first appeared as a decorative afterthought, actually contained the capability to transform an entire outfit. 

Decades later, Daiki shifted from buying to designing, reclaiming his initial aspiration. As he built his own brand, he leveraged his unique perspective to create what other designers couldn’t conceive. Accessories became the connective tissue that brought cohesion to his work. One of his first creations was a long apron. Daring enough to take a purely utilitarian and transform it to fashion, this item became indicative of the Engineered Garments philosophy - that good design doesn’t come from luxury, but application. 


The Nail Apron was first introduced in 2014, as Daiki was in the process of creating a new type of vest. He was familiar with the nail aprons often used by carpenters to store screwdrivers, pliers, measuring tapes, and of course nails. Sketching out the designs, he knew that he could turn this product into something new. The Engineered Garments Nail Apron features two rows of pockets for plenty of storage. This design also sports a more traditional apron shape and has a button-fastened neck strap. The loops on either side are used for hanging a hammer or mallet - just like the tabs on painter's pants. Finally, waist straps are included to securely fasten the apron.  

Daiki brings the Nail Apron back for the Spring Summer 2022 collection. As with any good accessory, this item has the capability to reconstruct any look. It can be worn underneath a suit setup, or over a T-Shirt. The product’s history as a piece of functional workwear is precisely the ingredient that allows it to become a truly adventurous piece of clothing and illustrate the principles of the Engineered Garments brand. 


The Nail Apron is available the following fabrics:

  • Black Highcount Twill
  • Khaki Highcount Twill
  • Dark Navy Highcount Twill

Available in-store and online at