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Welcome back to "DEEP DIVE" where we take a look into the inspiration behind some of our favorite Engineered Garments pieces. In this installation, we are featuring the "Loiter Jacket", the Engineered Garments version of an informal sport coat. 

There was a time when jackets were required attire, not just for working at the office or dining at restaurants, but even while relaxing at home. To fit the needs of a more casual environment, brands manufactured leisure jackets, like the Woolrich “TV Jacket” or Pendleton’s “Loafer Jacket”. Manufactured primarily in the 1960’s and 70’s, these jackets were made for lounging around the house, a quick trip to the store, or enjoying a beer in front of the television. 

The Engineered Garments takes inspiration from these items and puts them into use in the Loiter Jacket - starting with its boxier width. A wider shape than a dressy blazer doesn’t just mean more casual, it also provides more space to move around, and a loose, comfortable fit. Of course, if you prefer a bit of a narrower style, feel free to take advantage of the button tabs on the back to add some shape. Pockets without flaps may begin to sag over time, so the Loiter Jacket’s two front pockets are outfitted with flaps to prevent sagging, and allows the wearer to chuck in wallet, keys, and phone without a worry - one more point for the laid-back team. 


But not everything on this jacket is so casual, there is also a high-minded detail or two to be found. The creative double-sided tab closure on the collar is taken from a jacket manufactured by Arnys, the late great French made-to-measure atelier known for its dedication to a combination of traditional and innovative styles. Though they may not have invented the technique, many of their luxurious jackets featured this unique fastening method which allows the two tabs to fold back, giving the appearance of a standard notch collar when not in use. When closed however, it provides full protection, keeping out the wind and elements, and is one of the great gems of creative 20th century tailoring. 

A must for any closet, the Loiter Jacket provides a solution for those who want to relax around the neighborhood and look great while doing it. From the sofa to the local coffee shop, this jacket is the perfect companion for loitering around - just as the name suggests. 

The Loiter Jacket is available the following fabrics:

  • Black Cotton 8W Corduroy
  • Black Cotton Heavy Twill
  • Dark Navy Cotton Heavy Twill
  • Brown Cotton 8W Corduroy
  • Brown/Orange Wool Poly Glen Plaid
  • Dark Grey Blue Poly Wool Glen Plaid
  • Grey maroon Poly Wool Glen Plad
  • Olive Loden Cloth

Available in-store and online at