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Work Shirt - Navy Hemp Cotton Denim


This is a staple shirt from 〈ENGINEERED GARMENTS〉, highly popular each season as a work shirt. It stands out with its asymmetric chest pockets with a mountain-shaped and pen slot on both sides, reinforced elbow fabric, cat-eye buttons, and other vintage shirt-inspired details. The use of single, double, and triple stitching is expertly employed in different parts, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. 

XS: Length 82cm / Width 56cm / Shoulder width 47.5cm / Sleeve length 59cm
S: Length 83cm / Width 58.5cm / Shoulder width 48cm / Sleeve length 61cm
M: Length 86cm / Width 60cm / Shoulder width 49.5cm / Sleeve length 64.5cm
L: Length 87.5cm / Width 63cm / Shoulder width 51cm / Sleeve length 66.5cm"

55% Hemp
45% Cotton

Made in US