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Tucked Trouser - Charcoal - W/R/N/AC/PE Fancy Cloth


Authentic-style pleated trousers are now available. These dressy trousers are designed with a wide, tapered silhouette and a single pleat. The cuffs have a slightly casual double design. They are made from a fancy material with a rich and mixed texture, adding a playful touch to their classic look.

XS: Waist 78cm / Total length 101.5cm / Hem width 20cm
S: Waist 83cm / Total length 103.5cm / Hem width 21cm
M: Waist 88cm / Total length 105.5cm / Hem width 22cm
L: Waist 93cm / Total length 107.5cm / Hem width 23cm

35% Wool
25% Rayon
15% Nylon
14% Acrylic
11% Polyester

Made in Japan