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R.C. Track Jacket - Purple - C/Pe Velour


The track series, featuring both the classic polyester jersey material and the beloved velour fabric, is highly popular. This garment is known for its distinctive luxurious atmosphere, with soft coloring and velour's characteristic sheen. The ribbed collar at the neckline enhances its sleek and stylish appearance. It's available in three unique colors this season.

XS) Length 66cm Width 50cm Sleeve length 84cm
S) Length 68cm Width 53cm Sleeve length 86cm
M) Length 70cm Width 56cm Sleeve length 88cm
L) Length 72cm Width 59cm Sleeve length 90cm
1) Length 58cm Width 50cm Sleeve length 80cm
2) Length 60cm Width 53cm Sleeve length 82cm

77% Cotton
23% Polyester

Made in Japan