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Penny Jean Jacket - Black - Poly Twill


This garment blends a design reminiscent of classic denim jackets with an authentic workwear-inspired polyester twill material. It's a unique piece that features intricate details like pockets, pleats, and fasteners hidden within its deceptively simple appearance. It's a staple design.

XS: Waist 82cm / Total length 102cm / Hem width 26.8cm
S: Waist 87cm / Total length 104cm / Hem width 28.4cm
M: Waist 92cm / Total length 106cm / Hem width 30cm
L: Waist 97cm / Total length 108cm / Hem width 31.6cm
1: Waist 82cm / Total length 102cm / Hem width 29cm
2: Waist 85cm / Total length 103cm / Hem width 30cm

100% Polyester

Made in Japan