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Loiter Jacket - Dark Navy Wool Uniform Serge


This classic jacket, with a simple and understated design reminiscent of a shirt rather than a traditional jacket, creates a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Its roomy silhouette and lightweight construction, achieved by omitting the lining, are its main highlights. It uses wool serge, a staple material found in American police and firefighter uniforms, making it a standard choice for Engineered Garments.

XS: Length 71.5cm / Width 59cm / Shoulder width 50cm / Sleeve length 55cm
S: Length 72cm / Width 64cm / Shoulder width 51cm / Sleeve length 59cm
M: Length 75cm / Width 66cm / Shoulder width 54cm / Sleeve length 61cm
L: Length 76cm / Width 68cm / Shoulder width 56cm / Sleeve length 63cm

100% Wool

Made in US