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H.D. Pant - Jean - Indigo - 10oz Denim / Paisley Jq.


This is one of the classic pants that defines Needles, known for its distinctive silhouette with a pronounced flare at the front, achieved through dart processing at the waist and hem. The design incorporates details from BDU pants, including cargo pockets. The fabric has a textured appearance that adds warmth to its visual appeal, and the softly expressed check pattern is also quite attractive. The voluminous silhouette complements the overall material's ambiance.

XS: Waist 78cm / Total length 102cm / Hem width 26.8cm
S: Waist 83cm / Total length 104cm / Hem width 28.4cm
M: Waist 88cm / Total length 106cm / Hem width 30cm
L: Waist 93cm / Total length 108cm / Hem width 31.6cm
1: Waist 78cm / Total length 101.5cm / Hem width 29cm
2: Waist 81cm / Total length 103cm / Hem width 30cm

100% Cotton

Made in Japan