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H.D.P. Pant - Pink - W/CU/N Paisley Jq.


One of the iconic pants from Needles, known for its unique silhouette with a pronounced front created by dart processing at the waist and hem. For this season's collection, it has been crafted with luxurious original paisley jacquard fabric. Its comfortable, relaxed fit without constriction adds to its charm.

XS: Waist 70cm / Total length 103cm / Hem width 29.5cm
S: Waist 75cm / Total length 105cm / Hem width 30.5cm
M: Waist 80cm / Total length 107cm / Hem width 31.5cm
L: Waist 85cm / Total length 109cm / Hem width 32.5cm
1: Waist 73cm / Total length 98cm / Hem width 29.5cm
2: Waist 76cm / Total length 100cm / Hem width 30.5cm

60% Wool
23% Cupra
17% Nylon

Made in Japan