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Fatigue Pant - Indigo Cotton Broken Denim


These are classic fatigue pants with a unique twist, inspired by US Army military pants. They feature a versatile, naturally tapered silhouette that complements a wide range of styles. What makes them stand out are the distinctive L-shaped pockets at the front, with additional zip pockets on the sides, adding a unique Engineered Garments touch to their simplicity. They are designed to be a timeless piece that remains a favorite, regardless of the season or era. Broken Denim uses a unique weaving technique that uses a random combination of warp and weft, preventing the twisting and shrinkage found in the twill weave of typical denims. 

XS: Waist 79cm / Rise 31.5cm / Inseam 73.5cm / Hem width 20cm
S: Waist 84cm / Rise 32.5cm / Inseam 74cm / Hem width 20cm
M: Waist 88cm / Rise 33cm / Inseam 77cm / Hem width 21cm
L: Waist 94cm / Rise 34cm / Inseam 78.5cm / Hem width 21cm 

100% Cotton

Made in US