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Andover Pant - Olive Solid Poly Wool Flannel


In Engineered Garment's pants lineup, the Andover Pants represent the epitome of simplicity and classic design. They adhere to the timeless style of traditional trousers. Characterized by a roomy waist and a tapered silhouette, these pants have double-folded cuffs.

XS: Waist 83cm / Rise 29.5cm / Inseam 73cm / Hem width 20cm
S: Waist 89cm / Rise 30.5cm / Inseam 73cm / Hem width 20cm
M: Waist 93cm / Rise 32cm / Inseam 75.5cm / Hem width 20cm
L: Waist 96cm / Rise 32cm / Inseam 76cm / Hem width 20.5cm

50% Acrylic
26% Polyester
20% Wool
4% AF

Made in US