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Opening Reception: STOKED - Friday, May 24th, 7PM - 9PM



Friday, May 24th, 7PM - 9PM at Nepenthes New York, 307 W 38th St.

Please stop by Nepenthes New York on Friday, May 24th to join the store’s latest opening reception.

Presenting Nepenthes New York’s latest art exhibition:

“Stoked” by SHO.

Pop-up by "Very Nerd".


Artist Statement:

SHO is an artist who incorporates various forms of expression, characterized by their innovative and whimsical nature.

STOKED is the genuine emotion of SHO, an artist based in Tokyo. Inspired by RUN DMC during high school, SHO has long admired New York—a city where various artists continuously challenge themselves. Holding a solo exhibition in that city is a source of gratitude and emotion for him.


The CHILL OUT series, expressed through geometric patterns, depicts an ideal world where individuals, families, and nations balance each other to form a society and a world. Even if one element loses balance, the surrounding elements compensate, creating harmony. The artist portrays this ideal world using analog pen techniques.

The Ebb and Fall series, based on Japanese manga magazine “JUMP” and Japanese school bags, delves into the societal theme of 'deterioration'. SHO questions how, even if the material itself does not deteriorate, human growth and the updating of information can cause its value to plummet and become unnecessary. By reconstructing this value, SHO challenges the concept of 'deterioration' in society, inviting the audience to reflect on the ever-changing dynamics of our world.


Artist Bio:


Born in Nara, Japan in 1981, SHO started drawing influenced by graffiti and began his career by creating flyers for clubs.

He expresses himself through original geometric patterns using acrylics, markers, studs, and shaved paper, focusing on works he would like to decorate himself. SHO is primarily active in exhibitions at galleries and apparel stores in Tokyo.

He aims to paint pictures that thieves will want to steal.


Pop-up Info:

VERYNERD is an eyewear brand that started in 2006. Their glasses are handmade by craftsmen in Sabae City, a renowned area for eyewear production.

The brand is committed to handcrafted manufacturing and to using deadstock acetate for its cell frames and titanium metal for its lightweight and well-fitting metal frames.

VERYNERD does not sell its glasses in regular eyewear shops; instead, it offers them exclusively at its flagship store in Nakameguro, Tokyo, and select high-end boutiques across the country.

As they approach their 20th anniversary next year, VERYNERD is delighted to showcase their eyewear to everyone in New York through this pop-up event with Nepenthes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience eyewear crafted by Japanese artisans.