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Taisuke Yamada's first exhibition in NY, Effort Disappears In A Bubble, consists of works created 2020 and 2021. This exhibition is a visual diary of Yamada navigating himself through a time of uncertainty. It is his attempt to communicate the fragility and ephemerality of society. 
Yamada's photographs make the viewers stop and re-examine their relationships with the subjects. Inspired by neglected objects and places, as a former journalist, he explores and expands the stories in each object. His images beautify and celebrate the discarded memories. Theses works also serve as a metaphor for the complex relationships that every soul has with each other, and with the vessel that holds them.

This show gives the audience the opportunity to experience Yamada's sensitivity and perspective. In the midst of the global pandemic and cultural war, the Japanese artist encourages the viewer not to get caught up in the moment, but to look at the subject from infinite viewpoints and timelines. 
- jun mabuchi