HELL'S KITCHEN MUSIC SOCIETY (HKMS) is a music showcase for various artists specifically selected by our staff. From going to shows, playing in bands of our own, or talking about our favorite records with our customers, it is a facet of our lives that we live and experience everyday. HKMS was created as an extension of something that we all love: music. Throughout the year we will feature a rotating roster of artist and musicians that reflect our current tastes in music. Nepenthes will sell music and merchandise as well as special limited edition selections just for our store.

Current artist: DEADLY DRAGON SOUND (http://www.deadlydragonsound.com)

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"Rock Steady TAKE OVER!!! Straight from the deep vaults of Deadly Dragon comes this here mix of late ska and cool rock steady straight from the island of Jamaica!"

  1. Bobby Aitken - Give Me A Chance (SEP Pre-Release)
  2. Danny Simpson & Tommy McCook - Mary Poppins (Treasure Isle)
  3. The Gay Lads - If You Knew (Coxsone)
  4. Lord Creator - Such Is Life (Randys)
  5. Three Tops - Man Of Chances (Coxsone UK)
  6. Hopeton Lewis - This Music Got Soul (Merritone Blank)
  7. Lloyd & Glen - You Got Me Going (Crystal Blank)
  8. Henry 3rd a.k.a. Henry Buckley - You Never Could Be True (Merritone)
  9. Alfred Tomlinson - Don't Wait for Me (Studio One)
  10. Sensations - Sweets For My Sweet (Wirl)
  11. Lloyd Charmers - Things Going Wrong (Studio One)
  12. Johnny & Attractions - Let's Get Together (Gay Feet)
  13. Termites - I Made a Mistake (Coxsone)
  14. Carlton & Shoes - This Feelings (Coxsone)
  15. Ken Parker - Change Gonna Come (Lees Blank)
  16. Honey Boy Martin - Dreader Than Dread (Caltone Blank)
  17. Errol Dunkley - The Scorcher (Amalgamated)
  18. The Originators - Hot Iron (SEP)
  19. Emotions - Rude Boy Confession (Caltone)
  20. Roy Shirley - The Winner (Star pre-release)
  21. Justin Hinds & Dominos - Carry Go Bring (Treasure Isle)
  22. Peter Austin - Lonely Heartaches (Shockin)
  23. Lloyd & Glen - That Girl (Crystal Blank)
  24. Hortense Ellis - Groovy Kind of Love (Coxsone UK)
  25. Phillis Dillon - Don't Stay Away (Doctor Bird)
  26. Lord Creator - Come Down 68 (Randys)
  27. Errol Dunkley - Deadly Dragon Sound Dub Plate Special
  28. Paragons - My Number One (Super Tone)
  29. Alton Ellis - Laba Laba (Duke Reid)
  30. Ken Boothe - In Love With Another Man (Coxsone Blank)